Treat your horse to first class accommodations. 14 x 14 matted stalls with high ceilings for ventilation and comfort. Full care includes grain 2x/day, hay, daily turnout and stall cleaning. Veterinarian and farrier services scheduled to provide your horse with proper and timely care. Ramm flex fencing is used in all turn out areas for the safety of your horse.


We accept students beginning at age 8 through adult. 

Fields of study include: Dressage, Eventing, Therapeutic Riding


All riding horses can benefit from use of dressage principles and training techniques. We will happily accept your young horse and begin his education in a calm and progressive manner that prepares him for pleasure riding or competition. We also re-school older horses with physical or mental difficulties. Acceptance of these horses is based on evaluation of the horse's problems and goals of the owner.